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Kelly and Hall

The following information was provided by Doug Elliott:-

1. Kelly and Hall was started as a boatyard by Mr Kelly and Mr Hall. Probably started just after WW11. (To the best of my knowledge) Pat Hall, a giant of a man, an incredible character and a superb craftsman

2.Kelly and Hall's boatyard was at Newton Ferrers at Bridgend where a branch of the River Yealm ends near Bridgened Quay, the river being a dividing line between Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo. The building was originally an old Malt House.

3. John Elliott started working for Kelly and Hall after meeting Pat Hall through his interest in model railways and model making.

4. John Watkinson bought Kelly and Hall's boatyard as a going concern when Pat Hall retired.

5. John Watkinson ran the boatyard successfully for a number of years, he eventually sold Kelly and Hall and it was bought by a Mr Stewart who ran it for a few years.

6. Mr Stewart then sold Kelly and Hall to Brian Nicholls and Pat Hornage, Pat and Brian owned the Newton Ferrers Sailing School, eventually Brian Nicholls bought Pat Hornage out of his share of the boatyard and became the sole proprietor and Pat Hornage became sole proprietor of the sailing school.

7. In 1967, the first Drascombe Luggers were starting to be built at Kelly and Hall, the first few hulls being built at Drascombe Barton by John Watkinson and completed by Kelly and Hall, after which, Kelly and Hall continued the complete start to finish build.

8. Kelly and Hall started to have financial problems. They sold the premises which was subsequently run under the name of Eddystone Marine. (Eddystone Marine has long since ceased and the premises are now luxury housing with office/workshops underneath the flats.)

9. Brian Nicholls then moved Kelly and Hall to rented premises at Snawdons Mill, Yealmbridge, Yealmpton. Production of the Wooden Luggers was continued from there. The premises was an old Flocking Mill which was part of Snawdons furniture factory, the premises is over 300 years old and still owned by the same family who built it, there is still to be seen the remains of an old water turbine there which was one of the first ever built.

10. Financial problems still dogged the firm and they eventually due to market conditions, went under.


Last updated: 28 August, 2006

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